As we reach the fourth and final day of the Oxford Student Union Leadership Elections, the student body awaits confirmation of who will represent them and advocate on their behalf in the academic year of 2024/2025. Over 3800 people have voted, a record-breaking high turnout, and Corpus Christi have led the way, with over 57% of their student body making their voices heard.

The question of who will fill the position of SU President is one of the most highly awaited election results, with seven candidates nominating themselves, collectively representing both the postgraduate and undergraduate communities. If you have been waiting untill the final hours to place your vote, here is a summary of their manifestos and proposals:

Reuben Constantine – 2nd Year, Modern Languages at St Peter’s College

Reuben Constantine, running with the motto of ‘Together we can make Oxford smile’, aims to improve cross-collegiate parity for both mental health and financial support. He also wants to create a more transparent and socially conscious SU, emphasising empathy and understanding, and better representing postgraduates. He emphasises a commitment to supporting homelessness charities – such as Homeless Oxfordshire – with a proposal to arrange fundraisers such as sports days and other themed events. He has experience as the Treasurer of the 93% Club; as an Outreach Ambassador for his college, the modern languages faculty and the University; in JCR roles; and as a part of Class Act; he has been endorsed by the ‘Solo’ takeaway van on Iffley road.

Tim Green – 3rd year, PPE, at Regent’s Park College

Tim Green emphasises three main proposals in his manifesto: Supporting mental health, ensuring no one gets left behind, and increasing accessibility. He suggests a democratic mandate for a consistent universal lecture recording policy to create more accessible learning solutions for disabled students. He also emphasises the importance of improved communication and more proactive support for mental health, stating “I can’t think of anything more important than looking out for mental health that the SU could be doing, which is why it is at the centre of my campaign”. He has held roles within the Oxford Union committee and has experience volunteering with homeless organisations. He has also received an endorsement from Soloman’s Oxford Grill.

Elliot (Riz) Possnett, – 2nd year, PPE at Wadham College

Elliot Possnett outlines their key policies: an efficient, effective and accountable SU, challenging college and departmental disparities, and critically evaluating the local and global impact of Oxford University. They have proposed a welfare ‘levelling fund’ and a comprehensive investigation into student mental health, and have committed to pressuring Oxford University into dropping financial ties to fossil fuel industries and arms companies, as well as addressing what more the university can do to improve accessibility. They are an experienced youth advocate and campaigner, protesting against the hosting of Kathleen Stock at the Oxford Union in May 2023, and holding committee positions for several different organisations, including as  former president of Rethinking Economics Oxford and as the Wadham College SU Trans Officer. They have been endorsed by the Oxford SU Environmental Affairs Campaign, the Oxford SU LGBTQ+ Campaign, Wom*Cam, Wadham SU, Oxford Climate Justice Campaign, and The October Club.

Isaac Chase-Rahman – 4th year, Physics at Corpus Christi College

Isaac Chase-Rahman has committed to reforming, engaging, and transforming the SU. He establishes as his central priorities supporting a better University for all students, with an emphasis on welfare support and reduced cross-collegiate disparity, as well as increasing engagement with common rooms, increasing support for clubs and societies, and addressing issues that affect postgraduates. He has previously been Chair of the Student Union and has held roles on Corpus Christi JCR, including as the college’s JCR President. He has been endorsed by Hussain’s Kebab van.

Shermar Pryce – 3rd year, PPE at University College

Shermar Pryce outlines his vision of Oxford SU being a positive force for change; he proposes that his presidency would create an SU that is more useful, more representative, that builds a community and leaves no one behind. He has proposed a reduction in cross-collegiate disparities as well as organising a Student Union ball, and supporting postgraduates. He has experience as University College’s JCR President and BAME rep, Treasurer of the Oxford SU CRAE, President of Oxford PPE Society and Oxford SU Democracy Assistant. He has had some unorthodox campaign methods, with ShermarforSUpres appearing on the dating app Hinge, and has been endorsed by the Instagram account @overheard_at_oxford, Ahmed’s takeaway van, Oxford SU’s CRAE, and Oxford University PPE Society.

Addi Haran Diman – 3rd year, DPhil in Politics at Lincoln College

Addi Haran commits to reforming the SU, increasing access, reducing college disparities, advocating for equality, and supporting graduates. She proposes ‘a university that cares’, with increased welfare support, declaring “I will focus on using powerful advocacy to get students real achievements from the university”, and emphasises her commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion. She has been President of OULGBTQ+ Society, as well as its Social Secretary and Grad Rep, and has also founded Oxford Trans+ Pride. Additionally, she is  President of Jewish Students for Justice Society, Coordinator for Oxford Conflict, Peace and Security Hub, and LGBT+ Officer for Open Labour.

Q Sun – 3rd year, Material Science at St Emund Hall

Q Sun is running under the proposal of ‘No Oxford University Student Union President’, or the Empty Chair Campaign. He suggests the SU President salary is unnecessarily high for the responsibilities of the role, and proposes it would be better spent on other causes, recommending it being channelled towards student bursaries and a better Freshers Fair.

Voting for SU President, as well as many other SU roles, such as NUS delegates and Postgraduate Education and Access positions, closes at 6pm tonight. The results will be revealed at 9pm at the Oxford SU, and will be live streamed via Teams.