The Invisible War: Does Oxford University need to do more to support its neurodivergent students?

Just as nature’s intrinsic dance ensures that no two individuals except identical twins share the same set of fingerprints, or that no two snowflakes are able to form the same complicated designs, the human mind is a labyrinthine of extraordinary uniqueness. If science, history, sociology, anthropology, and any other subject can teach us anything, it…



A picture of a number of tents set up on the lawn in front of the Radcliffe Camera as part of a further development in the OA4P encampments.

“Here to Stay”: New Encampment set up outside Radcliffe Camera

This morning, a new encampment in solidarity with Palestine has been set up outside the Radcliffe Camera. The Oxford Blue interviewed two representatives from Oxford Action for Palestine (OA4P) about this new escalation.  When asked about the organisation’s motivations for this new mobilisation, a representative explained that “after two weeks of our ever-growing encampment at…

Northern Lights…in the South?

Last Friday night saw both students and locals flock towards the shadows of Oxford, in order to catch a glimpse of the stunning aurora borealis painted above the ‘city of dreaming spires’. For the first time in two decades – i.e., in most of our lifetimes – an “extreme” geomagnetic storm created a dramatic light…


Global Affairs

India’s truly global election

India is not at a crossroads: many of its developments for good and ill have been long in the making, and have not been shaped by Narendra Modi. Yet a better understanding of these trends, and a greater awareness of how India’s economy has underlined the success of its educated class who nevertheless…

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India’s upcoming election – democracy or façade?

Very soon 1.4 billion Indians will be coming to the polls, expected to be held in April and May 2024. It will be the largest democratic experiment ever seen. For the past ten years, Narendra Modi of the incumbent Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has led India as the prime minister – and he…

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Outside OX1 Week 7 – Ghana passes anti-LGBTQ+ bill, France enshrines abortion, and controversy in Pakistan

A note from the editor Ghana has passed a strict bill which criminalizes the promotion and support of LGBTQ+ activities, restricting the rights of LGBTQ+ community. This is in addition to the criminalization of same-sex intercourse, which has been passed down from the British Penal Code. On another discussion of rights, France became…

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The Ultimate Cinnamon Bun Taste Test

‘On February 25th 2024, a group of experts assembled to empirically conclude, once and for all, where Oxford’s best cinnamon bun could be found.’


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