A panel with three individuals sat in a classroom.

Joris Lechêne in discussion with Class Act

Class Act, an Oxford University Student Union campaign supporting students from working class, low income, first generation, and state comprehensive backgrounds, as well as care leavers and estranged students, invited Joris Lechêne to speak about the imperialism, classism, and social divisions of Oxford. Lechêne is a social media influencer, with over 300,000 followers on his…

Magdalen College dining Hall, a large Oxford hall with wood panels and portraits on the walls, set for dinner.

The niche, the funny, the outrageous: Halfway Hall 2024 in review

“The awards given this year by colleges such as Worcester, Balliol and Teddy Hall have ranged from heart-warming expressions of peers’ admiration for one another to more divisive acknowledgements of students’ sexual or drinking behaviour.” Lottie Newell reports how the recent Halfway Hall celebrations were not without contention as several colleges had to revise and…

Image of sky and fields, with 'The OSCC Summary' caption

The Oxford School of Climate Change Summary: 2

“Following on from last week’s discussions on the interplay between global biodiversity and climate change, this session introduced us to the quantifications of human and natural influences on climate change” Zariel Konadu summarises this week’s teaching at the Oxford School of Climate Change Image by Freya Aylmore


Global Affairs

India’s upcoming election – democracy or façade?

Very soon 1.4 billion Indians will be coming to the polls, expected to be held in April and May 2024. It will be the largest democratic experiment ever seen. For the past ten years, Narendra Modi of the incumbent Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has led India as the prime minister – and he…

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Outside OX1 Week 7 – Ghana passes anti-LGBTQ+ bill, France enshrines abortion, and controversy in Pakistan

A note from the editor Ghana has passed a strict bill which criminalizes the promotion and support of LGBTQ+ activities, restricting the rights of LGBTQ+ community. This is in addition to the criminalization of same-sex intercourse, which has been passed down from the British Penal Code. On another discussion of rights, France became…

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Taking Stock: Between Diasporas, Shopping for Dessert

I have moved six times in five years between three countries, and every time I have had to rip up and lay down roots. As someone who is half-Greek, a big part of this process involves sourcing the ingredients to make Greek food at my new home. Often, this involves finding the closest Turkish shop.…

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Love Letters: Ode to Oxford

“1/52th of my life, and yet I came to think of Oxford, and my college, as “home” within about two weeks of being here. It is more home than anywhere else I have ever lived, because it’s a home I’ve made for myself.” Lucy Pollock writes an Ode to Oxford: its libraries, community, and freedom…

This illustration shows an alcove filled with personal items, including a teapot and toy ballerina, with the column’s title ‘Sublime Drizzlings’ in the background

Sublime Drizzlings: Vacation Fear and Trembling

“I know, when I return home for Easter properly, I will miss my friends. I will miss the buzz, Oxford’s insatiable buzz, of magazines made, jazz music played, bars drunk in.” Chloe Smith explores the malady of vacation dread – what causes it, what its symptoms are, and how it can be cured. Illustration by…





Picture shows array of matchboxes, each painted as a different book cover.

A Room of Our Own: Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

“Ultimately, confronting the pervasive influence of insensitive media is essential to fostering a culture that values sensitivity, respect, and ethical reporting.” Nina Naidu discusses how violence can be exploited and…

illustration of a quill in ink pot, with buterrflies and swirled lines surrounding.

Simply a Student with DID

“I suppose then if there is anything to gain from this article it is the knowledge and reminder that people are not their exterior presentation.” Evelyn Patronus discusses living with…

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