Oxford Climate – The year in review

In times of crisis, it can be difficult to rally support for any particular cause. While the climate movement seemed all-encompassing before the pandemic, it has been difficult to build momentum since then. This year has been no exception with the war in Ukraine continuing as a slow burning tragedy and the October 7th attacks…



A picture of a number of tents set up on the lawn in front of the Radcliffe Camera as part of a further development in the OA4P encampments.

“Here to Stay”: New Encampment set up outside Radcliffe Camera

This morning, a new encampment in solidarity with Palestine has been set up outside the Radcliffe Camera. The Oxford Blue interviewed two representatives from Oxford Action for Palestine (OA4P) about this new escalation.  When asked about the organisation’s motivations for this new mobilisation, a representative explained that “after two weeks of our ever-growing encampment at…


The Invisible War: Does Oxford University need to do more to support its neurodivergent students?

Just as nature’s intrinsic dance ensures that no two individuals except identical twins share the same set of fingerprints, or that no two snowflakes are able to form the same complicated designs, the human mind is a labyrinthine of extraordinary uniqueness. If science, history, sociology, anthropology, and any other subject can teach us anything, it…

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Global Affairs

The emerging flashpoints in the South China Sea

It has become common for commentators on geopolitical conflict in the last twelve months to declare that ‘sea power is back’. There is a good reason for this. The world’s most contentious body  of water is undoubtedly the South China Sea, where a growing cast of diverse nations are continuing to warm up…

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India’s truly global election

India is not at a crossroads: many of its developments for good and ill have been long in the making, and have not been shaped by Narendra Modi. Yet a better understanding of these trends, and a greater awareness of how India’s economy has underlined the success of its educated class who nevertheless…

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India’s upcoming election – democracy or façade?

Very soon 1.4 billion Indians will be coming to the polls, expected to be held in April and May 2024. It will be the largest democratic experiment ever seen. For the past ten years, Narendra Modi of the incumbent Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has led India as the prime minister – and he…

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Sublime Drizzlings: Choupette 

Chloe Smith takes us through how she imagines a day in the life of Karl Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette. The absurdity of a cat celebrity is called into question. Illustration by Imogen Edmundson.


A camera on a film set

Film Remakes Make Me Feel Old

I am a firm believer that you cannot beat the original, whether that be original films, TV shows, or even songs. I think things are directed, produced and edited the…



A sliced orange on a white table.

Of Sharing and Oranges

The world can often seem like an indifferent and cruel place and sometimes the thing that will get you through the day, give you the strength to keep on keeping…

My First Year in Looks

“Something new, something old, and something borrowed.” Jaami Al-Choudhary explores his first year in Oxford through his most iconic outfits. Photo from Jaami Al-Choudhary.


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