Outside OX1 Week 6 – Gaza vote, strained Poland-Ukraine relations, and Modi’s renewed Indian diplomacy

A note from the editor In Poland, frustration against the import of Ukrainian agricultures ignited protest two years on from the war. In the UK, the Scottish National Party set in a controversial motion to parliament calling for a truce in Gaza. The motion, which was purposefully made to divide the labor party, caused commotion…



Magdalen College dining Hall, a large Oxford hall with wood panels and portraits on the walls, set for dinner.

The niche, the funny, the outrageous: Halfway Hall 2024 in review

“The awards given this year by colleges such as Worcester, Balliol and Teddy Hall have ranged from heart-warming expressions of peers’ admiration for one another to more divisive acknowledgements of students’ sexual or drinking behaviour.” Lottie Newell reports how the recent Halfway Hall celebrations were not without contention as several colleges had to revise and…

Image of sky and fields, with 'The OSCC Summary' caption

The Oxford School of Climate Change Summary: 2

“Following on from last week’s discussions on the interplay between global biodiversity and climate change, this session introduced us to the quantifications of human and natural influences on climate change” Zariel Konadu summarises this week’s teaching at the Oxford School of Climate Change Image by Freya Aylmore

Picture of All Souls College, Oxford.

Oxford Union: ‘This House does not know what the Labour Party stands for’.

“The motion passed with 188 votes for and 70 against, a resounding win for the proposition.” Ila Banerjee reports on a recent debate held at the Oxford Union, which fell in favour of the motion ‘This House does not know what the Labour Party stands for. Photo obtained via Pexels. Photo credits to Jess Buckle:…


Global Affairs

Pathways to Power: 2024 – Kangaroo courts, corruption, and coalitions: Pakistan looks set to form a new coalition government

A note from the editor The Global Affairs section welcomes you to Pathways to Power: 2024! 2024 is a big year for elections, as around 49% of the world population will have the chance to cast a ballot in a national election. That is more voters than any other year in history. Every election…

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Outside OX1 Week 5 – Navalny dies, Greece legalizes gay marriage, and protests in India

A note from the editor Alexei Navalny, the Russian opposition leader, has died on Friday in the arctic cell he has been held in since late December. Navalny was arguably the most influential opposition that had challenged Putin. With his death, the strangle Putin has over Russia has proved even more evident. In…

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How has immigration pushed Europe to the right?

Attitudes towards immigration in Europe are changing. Growing public concern over migrant numbers (both in terms of economic migrants and asylum seekers) has shifted many governments across the continent to the right, with some even bolstering once-fringe political parties. The European Union itself recently backed ‘The Migration Pact’ which provides for broadly harsher…

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The image shows a cream envelope with a small pink heart on the seal. Behind the envelope there is a pink cloud with small pink hearts.

Love Letters: What is Love?

“I thought the fact that I was single on Valentine’s day must mean that I’m unlovable and will never find “the One.” Then my friend gave me a rose on Valentine’s day morning.” Lucy Pollock shares what love means to her, and how the beautiful friendships she found at university show that love, actually, is…

This illustration shows an alcove filled with personal items, including a teapot and toy ballerina, with the column’s title ‘Sublime Drizzlings’ in the background

Sublime Drizzlings: My Values

“Welcome to a list reeking of frivolity, detailing minor inconveniences, their simple solutions, and drizzlings of advice of the deepest gravity.” Chloe Smith provides personal pearls of wisdom on croissants, pants, and so much more. Illustration by Imogen Edmundson.


The photograph shows a girl in white lying on a garden swing chair reading a book. She is surrounded by the greenery of the over-hanging tree, bushes and grass.

Me, My Shelf, and I

“Once I realised that reading for pleasure meant reading books that I actually want to, it became a lot more freeing.” Nina Naidu recounts how she rekindled her love for…

Three actors on stage

Carrion Review

“These human markers remind the audience of their closeness with the characters, remind them that the blood on the characters’ paws is blood on their hands, too.” Maisie Burgess reviews…


À La Mode: A review

‘À La Mode’, the final – and very exciting – pop-up display of the Christ Church Upper Library in Michaelmas 2023 exhibited examples of fashion over hundreds of years. It…


Picture of British countryside landscape.

Britain on Holiday: a Beast Caged

“Caging the beast is dangerous – it will bite back or throw books at the heads of librarians. ” From Center Parcs to local libraries, Poppy Thornton explores the concept…

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