Ben Shapiro on Israel-Palestine Conflict at the Oxford Union 

‘The Oxford Union hosted Ben Shapiro, a conservative political pundit who spoke extensively on the Israel-Palestine conflict. Flora Prideaux reports on Ben Shapiro’s talk on Israel-Palestine at the Oxford Union. Content Warning: Discussions of the conflict in Gaza, including offensive and distressing language.

Interview with the Oxford Hub

“The Oxford Hub is a local charity which focuses on improving the community in the city through volunteering, and has made my student experience extremely worthwhile.” Ellee Su interviews the Oxford Hub and shares key information on how to get involved.


Revisiting Barbie— What is Her Lasting Impact?

Rebecca Pearson revisits the Barbie movie, dissecting the film’s potential for a meaningful lasting legacy.

“The Barbie movie certainly infiltrated our real-world’s popular culture. But, three months after the movie’s original release, how will it retain any deeper cultural consciousness?”

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Global Affairs

The Word on Wall Street – The UK’s Cyber Startups

“As the UK continues to emerge as a hub for cyber investment, it is for our generation to pioneer this field which is so vital to global security.” In the second edition of the Global Affairs section’s finance column, Alice Grant explores the exciting world of the UK’s cyber startups. Image by Colin…

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The Green Piece: Your Weekly Climate News

“This week, we have a new Environment Minister, people are less likely to have children amid climate change fears, and temperatures are rising in the southern hemisphere.” Photo by Markus Spiske, used under a CC0 licence, accessed via pexels.com

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Diaries of a Rusticated Student: Having Sex and Feeling Better

“If I had the intention to marry, perhaps sex was still a good thing and I could still fit myself inside the rules. God, I imagine, was not impressed by all this rule-bending and self-deceit, although I doubt he was surprised.” Alice Brooker disentangles her feelings on sex, love and God.

Music Makes The People: Sugar Man

“As if by divine intervention, this artist who had absolutely no fame or recognition anywhere else in the world appeared with his gritty, anti-establishment music in the place where the youth needed it the most.” Liv Ekdawi explores the unexpected impact of American musician Sixto Rodriguez on South African politics. Image by Ella Soni

No Country For Young Men: The Doctor Won’t See You Now

‘Anyone unfortunate enough to have suffered even the most minor health complication in recent years will know the ordeal of accessing primary care, and the barriers that seem to be deliberately put in place to stop patients from seeing their doctors.’ Max Kelly discusses NHS waiting times, lockdowns, and the rising cost of college rent.…


This Is How We Walk On The Moon: a Review

“The show was unconventional and well-delivered, drawing audience and actors close throughout the absurd, imaginative performance.” Izzy Lucas reviews Nocturne Productions’ performance of “This Is How We Walk On The…



Long Distance Relationships

Rebecca Pearson offers a helpful guide on how to successfully maintain a healthy long distance relationship based on her own romantic experience.


When it Rains in Oxford…

“Being an international student at Oxford, my first time outside my country and away from family, brought out strengths of character that once lay buried deep inside.”

The Paradox of the Oxford Bridging Programme

“For many, these bridging programmes are heralded as a lifeline for state school students, offering an opportunity to acclimate to the rigorous academic environment of Oxford. Yet, my experience has…


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