Photo from Jaami Al-Choudhary

Coming to Oxford, I knew that in between the dreaded days spent hunched over my laptop, I would be regaled by the opportunity to dress up for matriculation, formals, balls, and the other vibrant social events that keep us going when we’re sat in our college libraries regretting our life choices. As a first-year who has had a pretty lively time across his first two terms, I thought I’d take a look back at some of my favourite looks from the year.

Coming in strong with my first look from our Michaelmas subject formal, I opted for a velvet Gant club suit blazer in tartan green. Originally purchased for Christmas two years prior, it felt like the perfect opportunity to bring it back out from the depths of my wardrobe to give it its fifteen minutes of fame. The blazer itself is quite striking, from its velvet detailing, the buttons’ gold accents, and an embroidered chest emblem, therefore I felt it appropriate to dress it down a little with dark denim jeans from Uniqlo for optimal comfort. Upon reflection it’s definitely a look that I hope to revisit soon in Oxford.

I can’t mention Michaelmas without discussing my matriculation outfit, potentially one of my favourite looks of the year as it lived rent free in my head all summer. Pictured here, I’m wearing a single breasted two button suit from Ami, similar to a custom look the house did for Canadian director Xavier Dolan at the 76th edition of the Festival de Cannes. Naturally, I paired the look with a statement shoe. For this occasion, I chose the Monsieur loafers from Bottega Veneta, an item which has recently gained approval from South Korean DJ, Peggy Gou. If you’ve spotted the pop of colour, you’ve probably noticed I have a thing for green and, as I always say, ‘as I should.’

Moving on to Hilary, which did inevitably become ‘hellary’ through a prolonged period of illness, I still made it my mission to serve. To the Union’s ‘Casino Royale’ ball, I was in a bit of a bind having left most of my formal clothes at home due to collection stress (judging by Oxfess I’m sure every first year will empathise). As such, I had everything one would wear to a black-tie event except a dinner jacket. The Union ball was my time to mix and match with pieces ranging from high street to high-end. A frantic trip to Westgate resulted in me finding this black dinner jacket in M&S. I paired it with my Moss Brothers trousers, YSL bow tie, Vivienne Westwood scarf, and Ami dress shoes. I had something of a look fit for a night with 007 himself.

Special mentions go to the Christ Church cufflinks I also purchased on the day of the Union ball that are now a staple whether I’m in Oxford or abroad. If I’m going to show my allegiance to college I might as well do it stylishly, right?