The Blueprint, issue no.13; Summer 23. An Oxford University Culture and Art publication by The Oxford Blue – By Niamh Walker

The Blueprint is a termly Oxford University Culture and Arts publication compiled by students at the Oxford Blue Newspaper.

This edition was curated and edited by our Creative Director – Niamh Walker, and our editors – Niamh Walker and Izzy Lucas.

With special thanks to Liberty Brignall and Eliza Munday.

A huge congratulations to our amazing arts and creative team:

Our Illustrators: Niamh Walker, Elise Leclair, Daniella Sakota, Lily Purcell, Kian Swingler, Tessa Armstrong, Rosie Creighton, and Libby Wilcox-Pearce.

Our Authors: Keng Yu Lai, Ariana Shemmer, Noelle Leow, Jennifer Robinson, Rahul Jakati, Rachel Jung, Niamh Stansfield.

Our Photographers: Sheng Peng, Jui Zaveri, Yunseo Cho.

Our Composer: Leo Yablans.

If you are a student at the University of Oxford, interested in arts and culture, or just getting creative, please get in touch.

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