Illustration by Leyla Baxman.

From the people that brought you ‘The Story of a Tiny Portuguese Island and Cocaine’ to an insight into the decline of Vogue and most recently coverage on OxWiB’s The B Corp Panel, it’s time to meet the team behind the lifestyle section in a fun, slightly unrealistic, quiz that we hope captures why it’s important to have the option of lighthearted and consistent articles in a world of extreme and unpredictable breaking news.

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Which Lifestyle Member Are You Most Like?

1. While visiting The Cape of Good Hope, you drink a magic pint that lets you transform into an animal for the day, what animal is it? *TCOGH is an Oxford Pub*

  • A – Otter
  • B – Robin
  • C – Tiger
  • D – Snowy Owl
  • E – Dolphin
  • F – Fox
  • G – Polar Bear
  • H – Osprey (Sea Hawk)

2. On a warm summer evening you go punting with your friends but the boat capsizes and you’re plunged into the water. You swim up to the surface and find yourself immortal and in a fictional world, which world is it? 

  • A – Rivendell (Lord of the Rings)
  • B – Hogwarts (Harry Potter)
  • C – Westeros (Game of Thrones)
  • D – Arendelle (Disney’s Frozen)
  • E – Whale Island (Hunter x Hunter)
  • F – Neverland (Peter Pan)
  • G – Narnia (The Chronicles of Narnia)
  • H – Atlantis (Timaeus and Critias)

3. A big career break in your dream job requires you to move abroad for 3 years, where are you moving to?

  • A – France
  • B – South Korea
  • C – Greece 
  • D – Italy 
  • E – Japan
  • F – Germany
  • G – Amsterdam
  • H – Norway

4. A footballer, a rockstar, a princess, we were too cool for these jobs at age five, which of these careers would you most have liked to have had when you were younger?

  • A – Archaeologist
  • B – Vet
  • C – Lifeboat Crew
  • D – West End Dancer
  • E – Astronaut
  • F – Singer 
  • G – Marine biologist 
  • H – Pilot

5. After finding an unused scratch card on the ground, you scratch away the numbers and find that you’ve won a £28 million Jackpot. What do you do with the money?

  • A – Invest in Property
  • B – Buy a bookstore 
  • C – Travel the world
  • D – Share it with family 
  • E – Start a YouTube channel
  • F – Open a boutique   
  • G – Invest in small businesses 
  • H – Buy a boat

6. You get free concert tickets for the rest of your life but they can only ever be used on one artist, who are you choosing? *You can still see other artists live but you’ll have to pay for those tickets*

  • A – Arctic Monkeys
  • B – Måneskin
  • C – Fleetwood Mac 
  • D – Maisie Peters
  • E – Beabadoobee
  • F – Little Mix
  • G – Taylor Swift 
  • H – Coldplay

7. It’s a student night in Oxford and the sweet sounds of ABBA are calling you to the dance floor, where are you moving and grooving or cheering the night away?

  • A – Bridge Thursday
  • B – Plush Tuesgays
  • C – James Street Tavern
  • D – Turf Tavern
  • E – Swan and Castle
  • F – ATIK 
  • G – The Varsity Club
  • H – The Bear 

8. You are on top of your workload and meeting all of your deadlines so you decide to take the afternoon off and grab lunch at your favourite cafe, where do you go?

*Disclaimer: The above scenario is by far the most unrealistic – we are all three weeks behind on work and have no plans to catch up on it.*

  • A/B/F/G/H – Pret
  • C/D/E – Greggs

9. Okay, the previous question created a false narrative, in reality you’ve tucked yourself away in your favourite study spot to have an essay crisis, where are you? 

  • A – Radcliffe Camera
  • B – Art Cafe
  • C – Old Bodleian
  • D – Cafe Nero
  • E – Law Faculty Library
  • F – Any Bubble Tea Cafe
  • G – Pret
  • H – College Library

10. At the end of a long day of studying, procrastinating, and attempting a very challenging quiz…you hop onto Netflix to binge your favourite show, what are you watching?

  • A – Peaky Blinders
  • B – Gilmore Girls
  • C – Friends
  • D – This is Us
  • E – Breaking Bad
  • F – Bridgerton 
  • G – New Girl
  • H – The Crown

Thanks for taking our quiz! We hope you enjoyed it – after adding up your answers scroll down below to find out which lifestyle member you are most like!

If you mostly answered A’s you are most like Amy! Amy is the Senior Lifestyle Editor of The Oxford Blue, having previously specialised in Fashion and Style since January 2022. Amy’s friends often describe her as the affectionate one of the group who spends far too much of her student loan on Pret and can often be found at Bridge or in the Rad Cam. She knows an oddly large amount of facts about otters and since Rivendell is proving to be a tricky travel destination, Greece and Paris are second on her list .

If you mostly answered B’s you are most like Beth! Beth is both a Summer Vac and MT22 Junior Editor in the Lifestyle section and is particularly interested in working on Relationships articles. She cannot start her day without at least 2 or 3 cups of coffee much like Lorelai from Gilmore Girls! She would have loved to visit Hogwarts but is aware that may not happen.. she may have to settle for going to South Korea instead.

If you mostly answered C’s you are most like Sophie! Sophie is both a Summer Vac and MT22 Junior Editor in the Lifestyle section whose current focus is Travel. When she’s not re-watching Game of Thrones for the millionth time, you can find her attempting to plan her next holiday. This is her usual pastime whilst recovering from her eventful nights at Bridge Nightclub and James Street Tavern, coupled with a necessary trip to Greggs!

If you mostly answered D’s you are most like Rosie! Rosie is both a Summer Vac and MT22 Junior Editor in the Lifestyle section focusing on Health and Wellbeing. She can usually be found eating a bowl of pasta whilst binge-watching This is Us. That’s when she’s not chatting her friends’ ears off about whatever random fact she’s learnt, of course…

If you mostly answered E’s you are most like Luther! Luther is a Junior Editor in the Lifestyle section of The Oxford Blue with a particular interest in Health and Wellbeing. He is an avid watcher of anime and loves indie and neo-soul music. When he’s not struggling with the Oxford workload, he likes to dabble in videography and photography from time to time. Luther loves the coffee shop atmosphere but he usually ends up having deep conversations with fellow students instead of studying, so he prefers to do work in the Law Faculty Library.

If you mostly answered F’s you are most like Veronica! Veronica is a Junior Editor in the Lifestyle section, focusing on Fashion and Style! She is a huge romantic and will watch any series or movie about love, especially if the characters wear pretty dresses (e.g Bridgerton). Veronica loves music – especially Little Mix who are her favourite band – but she also has a mild obsession with musical theatre. She is constantly on the lookout for new fashion trends to report on for The Oxford Blue.

If you mostly answered G’s you are most like Teresa! Teresa is a Junior Editor in the Lifestyle section focusing on Travel. When she’s not getting her daily caffeine dose at a coffee shop, she can be found jamming out to Taylor Swift’s new album or binge-watching New Girl. She has an extreme obsession with pugs and quoting TikTok audios.

If you mostly answered H’s you are most like Evie! Evie is a Junior Editor in the Lifestyle Section focusing on Fashion and Style. As a pubber not a clubber, she will often be found with a pint at the Bear or with a coffee at the JCT, and if she’s not yet told you about the time she got tickets to see Coldplay over summer, you’ve got that to look forward to… Being an avid period drama fan and with Princess Diana as her fashion icon, the next season of The Crown couldn’t come sooner for her!