Features is a new section within The Oxford Blue and provides a space for longer, more-in depth articles and series on a huge variety of topics. We will cover both investigative articles on events and issues in Oxford and in-depth pieces on international affairs, technology, culture, and identity. We encourage all avid writers, particularly those who would normally write for Oxford news, opinion pieces and longer series, to apply to the Features team and collaborate on this new section.

The scope of Features is broad, and largely left to the interests of the writer. However, for clarity and coherence of pieces, authors should look to focus on one topic per article. For writers looking to write more in-depth pieces or seeking to cover multiple but linked topics, a series of articles under the same banner may be possible. All original ideas should be pitched to and approved by one of the Senior Editors before the writing process begins to ensure that the content pertains to this scope. 

This section has been created to give a platform to longer-form articles, which we felt was missing at The Oxford Blue. Most articles should be 1500-2000 words but longer pieces may be possible. This range excludes lengthy titles, subtitles and references. If you are still uncertain what a published Features piece will be like, take a look at The Guardian’s section ‘the long read’, and refer to our style guide which can be accessed here. As Features looks to provide in-depth writing on topics, we will permit citations.

“I’m Tom, a DPhil student in Sociology, and co-senior editor for Features for Michaelmas and the summer with Eliza. I’m really looking forward to working with such a great team on a section as broad-ranging as Features. I love long-form journalism, and I’m particularly interested in global affairs, political subcultures and extremism, and anything Northern Ireland, but I’m excited to read and learn from the range of pitches for Features!”

“My name’s Eliza, I am going into my third year studying English at Christchurch and I will be a co-senior editor of this section for the summer vac and Michaelmas Term. I’ve previously worked for the Cultures and Opinions sections of the paper and can’t wait to innovate the Features section with such a promising team. I love sports reporting, musicians’ autobiographies and climate news and am excited to work on a section that will cater to everyone’s wide-ranging interests.”

“My name’s Josh and I am a 2nd year English student at Brasenose. I’ll be a junior editor on Features for the summer and Michaelmas, and I’m excited to be on such a wonderful section with such a strong team. I’m new to editing, but I enjoy reading anything from think pieces to investigative journalism, so the variedness of the Features section seems like the perfect place to start.”

“My name’s Louis and I am a 2nd year PPE student at LMH. I will be a junior editor of this section over the long vac and during Michaelmas. I’m looking forward to working on the deeper and more developed pieces which the longer form of the features section allows for. I’m new to editing, but I have a strong interest in China and hope to work on some relevant pieces.”