Charlie Mackintosh has been elected President of the Oxford Union for Hilary 2023, winning 474 first preferences or 60.8% of the vote. Mackintosh, a PPE undergraduate at New College, Oxford and Army Officer Scholar was the Librarian of the Oxford Union in Trinity 2022. 

The #New slate has also won all other Officer positions in this term’s elections with positions as follows. 

Librarian: Disha Hegde, #New, with 72.4% of the vote (430 first preference votes)

Treasurer: Sharon Chau, #New, with 52.9% of the vote (411 preference votes)

Secretary: Matthew Dick, #New, with 50.7% of the vote (395 first preference votes)

This marks a victory for the #New slate which ran against the #BeReal slate for all major positions this term. #New pledged to make debate more accessible through instating debating scholarships, expanding termly members’ debates, and creating a YouTube guide to debating. Additionally, they planned to reform anti-spiking measures and create working groups for women’s safety and sexual violence prevention. They also pledged tiered access membership and flexible payment plans, as well as expanded membership perks, library open hours, and events. 

The #BeReal slate, led by Anvee Bhutani held the first runner-up position for all of the Officer positions. 

Elections were held on the 10th of June at the Oxford Union.