Just Stop Oil has sprayed the Radcliffe Camera, an Oxford University building, with orange paint.

Two students coated both sides of the building’s entrance in the shade, which has become associated with the organisation. Just Stop Oil referred to this as “an act of civil resistance” and posted a video to X. 

Just Stop Oil is a climate activist group which espouses a philosophy of civil resistance, applying nonviolent pressure to achieve “no new oil, gas or coal”. They demand that the UK Government immediately halt all new oil and gas consents and licences.

Just Stop Oil stated on X that “Oxford University was found to have received £1,209,221 in fossil fuel financial commitments since 2022.” 

The organisation attained new prominence in October 2022 after two activists threw tomato soup on van Gogh’s The Arles Sunflowers in the National Gallery. 

This month, Just Stop Oil began a new campaign focused on students on campuses. The organisation also operated a stall at the recent Student Union Freshers’ Fair and has distributed leaflets across college pidges. 

In November, Just Stop Oil intends to disrupt London in “numbers we haven’t seen before.” 
According to photos shared by The Oxford Student, the two students who sprayed the Oxford University building were arrested.

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